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Testimonial by Dr Kathleen Anderson partner in Equine Veterinary Care in Fair Hill:

"We have utilized the salt therapy room since June 2015 on a multitude of cases and have seen remarklable responses in cases that previously have been recalcitrant to other therapies. It certainly falls under the "do no harm" category and in my opinion salt therapy is an excellent standby option for any case of respiratory mucus. In addition I believe that it has therapeutic value in EIPH cases by maximising airway clearance and improving the function of lower airway tissue."

Testimonial by Michelle K. Nihei multiple Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III Stakes winning trainer:

“ I was recently introduced to this therapy and have had an outstanding experience with the treatment of two of our horses. Both have to be treated repeatedly for EIPH & for the first time we are coming back from a breeze to scope clean! We have also had excellent, professional assistance from ESS personnel & plan to continue to implement this consistently. “

Salt Therapy is also provided successfully in the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center by Bruce Jackson’s team.


Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center: Rehabilitation, Sport Medicine and Conditioning for the Equine Athlete.  

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